Fen, formerly known as Fenoril, Elven First Blade of the Black Guard, is now living a life of retirement in Nowhere, a not-quite-realm between all realms. His quiet existence revolves around his neighborhood, a section of Nowhere that has intersected with a slum from Earth, and his kitten, a stray named Lucifer that he adopted.


But one day, Lucifer leaves Fen’s home, which should be impossible. Fen has taken every precaution—both physical and magical—to render his home unassailable. A kitten, however cute, should not be able to circumvent the defenses of a paranoid master assassin, retired or otherwise.


Fen sets out on a journey to reclaim his simple life and get his cat back. He calls on family he hasn’t seen in decades, like young Judas, an elven mage with a demon grafted to his soul. He also calls on old comrades in arms, like Cheryl, the amazon. Both were critical in events of the past that led to his quiet life today.


Now his quest to find his kitten, Lucifer, takes him to different worlds, different planes, and forces him to confront some of the remnants of his past that he’s been hiding from. The simple life of his retirement is forcefully pushed to the side, and he’s reminded there was a time when things were very complicated, and the actions he once took to save the realms will be called on again as the truth behind his kitten and his past is laid bare.


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