Cheryl is an Amazon and a friend of the family. She was a powerful, cheerful warrior, capable of immense amounts of destruction, and was a critical ally in Fen’s quest to end the reign of his Queen. Initially pitted against each other on opposing sides of a political dispute, Fen and Cheryl gained a grudging respect for each other in skill, even if not in attitude.


Cheryl’s cheerful demeanor is in stark contrast to the fact that she is one of the most feared of all the Amazons. While she may not be at her best in the missions of subterfuge and assassination that Fen excels in, she can take a hit like no one’s business and hit back even harder, usually with no hard feelings. After Fen’s revenge quest that fundamentally altered the dynamics between various Elven kingdoms, as well as the rivalry with the Amazons, Cheryl withdrew from her post as Sfyri and roamed the planes, eventually settling on a job as a courier, since it combined her three favorite pastimes of animals, exploration and ferocious combat.