Judas is one of the rare elves exceedingly gifted with magic. Though he is family to Fen, he didn’t grow up in the same kingdom and was instead raised primarily on Earth by his mother. As a result, Judas is a “diaspora elf” with more roots in western Earth culture than the kingdom Fen lived in.


He did eventually relocate to that kingdom and worked in secret with Fen to finally end the rule of the Queen there. To deal with such exceptional might, Judas willingly took on a demon and now struggles to retain control of that demon, rather than be consumed by it.


He has lived in isolation for decades since the destruction of the kingdom, adjusting to the new normal of having a demon in his soul manifesting visibly as a demon eye. He still harbors major resentment against Fen for things done during the destruction of the kingdom, the cost to family, and the things unsaid. However, when Fen finally appears on his doorstep, he is willing to see whether this means things can move forward, or whether they are trapped in a problematic, irreconcilable relationship.