More properly known as Fenoril, Fen is the former First Blade of the Black Guard, a covert assassin unit for one of the more radical Elven kingdoms that broke away from the main governing body of the Elven ruling class, the Synod, and became a pariah kingdom.


Fen lives in quiet retirement after assassinating his own Queen and bringing about the end of his kingdom. After losing the love of his life, and goading his own family, Judas, into grafting a demon onto his soul to achieve his goal of vengeance, Fen just wants to live a simple, uncomplicated life, quietly ignored by the rest of the Synod, who would typically execute a Queen-Killer for treason, but, because of their growing concern over Fen’s Queen, allowed him to live in exchange for anonymity.


Fen’s simple life is augmented by the adoption of his kitten, Lucifer. The simple, uncomplicated bond of a kitten to its owner has given Fen some of the empathy and affection he’s been needing. Now with the exit of the kitten from his life, he can’t ignore this mishap.